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Get into a Surveyor by Forest River RV

Get out there and test the boundaries, go places never gone before and do it during this time of season in confidence.  To go on an epic camping adventure, these are just some of the ingredients that are needed for the open road. Just one main component missing, a RV of course! With so many makes and models, where would one begin? The Surveyor by Forest River is a good start.


It’s that time of year again to gather closely around the fire with blankets and loved ones under the stars on a chilly night clear night. Rest assure when traveling in a Surveyor you can camp later into the season because of the Artic package to include, 12 Volt blanket tank heaters that wrap around your tanks, keeping them from freezing. Along your route to your destination be sure to take a minute and enjoy all of the amazing scenery. Maybe pull over and snap a selfie with the many different colors in the background. Don’t forget to share and post it!

Traveling throughout the Northwest will be a breeze with this light weight quality constructed Rig, packed full of residential amenities and all the comforts of home. Get comfy on the handcrafted furniture built in the USA in front of the electric heater and enjoy the smells of some good cooking from the 22” recessed stove. All of this and more can be accomplished when you camp with the Surveyor by Forest River.

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