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The Great American Camp Out Grand Prize Winner

Sweepstakes winner.jpg

For July and August we had the Great American Campout Event at all the Blue Dog RV locations.  During that promotion we had the $10,000 sweepstakes. 

A $10,000 prize was made available to anyone who wanted to come in and put their name, address, phone and email in the drawing. They did not even have to purchase an RV or a part from our parts store.

After September 4th when the Sweepstakes officially ended we gathered all the drawing forms from 4 states. Then on Friday September 15th John Asplund drew out one winner?

Three TV stations were present for the check presentation. it was streamed live by Fox on their social media as well as spots like this one below. Fox will also be airing this video for the next two weeks as well


KEPR Blog link: KEPRTV | Blue Dog RV presents sweepstakes check


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