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Why do we invest in this for every New RV purchased at Blue Dog RV ?

Because this warranty covers a number of items that can and will fail over time. They fail even more often because they have not been maintained properly. The RV WARRANTY FOREVER program has THREE PARTS Valuable for us all...

The Inspection: Each year the RV is inspected and a list of predetermined components are reviewed and corrected so that they have a greater chance to continue providing great use for the life of the RV. This inspection can be done at any dealership or service center even if it’s not one of our Blue Dog RV service centers. Cost at Blue Dog is $99.00 annually.

The Relationship: When you purchase an RV you are purchasing a lifestyle and we want to help you engage with our service team after the sale. When we get to inspect your RV, your service team get’s to invest in protecting your FUN! We become your PIT CREW and we help you protect your Lifestyle . That’s why we offer this service in the first place.

You Can Level Up: For an extra cost you can add coverage to the items that the Forever Warranty does not cover.  This is offered to every customer at the point of purchase . It’s another reason why we invest in the Lifetime Warranty for you in the first place, so that you understand we believe in protecting your investment so that you will take it to the NEXT

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