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Highlights from Arizona

Slide Rock State Park is a state park outside Sedona, Arizona

Red Rocks, Hiking and Exploring Arizona

For years I have heard from our RV friends that they love going south to Arizona and escaping the winter cold months in the Northwest. They leave the Northwest in October through November and then return home in April and as late as May. What is this BIG draw? Sunshine? Well then I drove into Sedona for myself and the mountain views took my breath away.  So many places to explore and Golden Sunsets on Red Rocks is, well amazing! On this day we headed to Oak Creek Park and set off on a short hike down to the creek bed.  As we came over the hill and dropped down to the water’s edge this was the view. I was already Sold on Sedona and this just helped seal the deal.

Highlights from our Arizona, Utah and Nevada Red Rock Adventure.

One of our Stops for an afternoon was at Slide Rock. Slide Rock is just one of the great stops you can make as you use Sedona as a base of operations.  Just about 10 minutes outside of Sedona is this major tourist destination. You can actually slide down this natural formed slide on the slippery creek bottom. Slide Rock State Park is a state park of Arizona, USA. The park is located in Oak Creek Canyon 7 miles north of Sedona.

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