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So you're thinking about purchasing an RV

So you're thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicle—well congratulations that's awesome! When initially deciding to take that leap into purchasing an RV there are many things to take into consideration. If you're purchasing an RV for the first time, there's even more to consider. We know the feeling of being a first-time RV buyer, and can totally relate. We wanted to share some of the aspects with you to assist with your decision-making process.

First things first is, you definitely need to figure out what type of camping or traveling you're going to be doing.  Knowing what kind of traveling you anticipate,  will help guide you through the process of what type of RV suits your families needs. Think about the length of stay that you'll be taking. Perhaps you'll be doing weekend trips, weekly trips, or maybe full-time living in your RV.  Also try to keep in mind the essentials you'll be taking with you on your travels. By doing so will help gauge the amount of storage you'll need. Once you figure out what type of traveling you'll be doing, you can transition into what RV to purchase.

"What type of RV?"

This is the golden question, and shouldn't be overlooked. We never realized how many different options there are when it comes to purchasing a recreational vehicle. There are class A, B, and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop up trailers, toy haulers, and truck campers.  All of these options can sound a bit overwhelming, however, any of these would be a great choice as long as it is compatible with your travel style.

When looking into purchasing an RV,  take into consideration the maintenance that will be required. The bigger the RV the more potential there is for repairs. You'll also want to have the right vehicle and equipment to tow your RV. Towing capacity is a serious matter that needs to be taken into consideration.

While we were searching for our perfect RV,  we did a lot of research. We looked a ton of floor plans to see what would be right for our needs. We suggest familiarizing yourself with the different floor plan options available. Prior to purchasing your RV ask yourself where are you going to park it?  Will you be able to park it at your home, or will you be storing it at an RV facility.  Some cities have laws against parking RVs in neighborhoods.  Make sure to do your research and know where you're going to park your new RV.

Purchasing an RV is a very exciting endeavor! It's filled with happiness, excitement and thoughts of all your future travel plans. We know how exciting it can be, and we wouldn't want anyone getting too caught up in all that excitement and forget to take into consideration some of these important points. By sharing some of our experiences we hope to help those looking to purchase an RV.  We encourage everyone to do their research so you come away with the best, most totally awesome RV there is! Now get out there and do some RV shopping!

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