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What working for the RV industry has taught me.

My name is Ben Grubbs and I began working for Blue Dog in August of 2016.  I am one of the digital marketing specialists here.  One of the many experiences that I have enjoyed is how the team of Blue Dog works together to reach a common goal………..Sell RVs to customers and help others to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

I for one am not that familiar with the actual living of the RV lifestyle.  I have experienced it with my father when I was younger, like around 14.  

"Many don’t realize how uncomfortable tent camping can become.  While it can be fun and exciting, it can also bring you closer with nature………….a little too close."

I used to find myself wondering what it would be like to live in a RV fulltime.  I thought it would be difficult and uncomfortable.  I believed that RVs are expensive and camping should be experienced in a tent or by making a shelter.

Well I started working for Blue Dog and soon realized that the RV lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle.  Much like tent camping is a lifestyle.  It is fun, adventurous, and gets you closer with nature.  Well having an RV does the same just with one simple advantage, you have the ability to bring the comforts of home with you on your adventure.

Many don’t realize how uncomfortable tent camping can become.  While it can be fun and exciting, it can also bring you closer with nature………….a little too close.


That brings me to when I was just 6 years old.  My family and I went tent camping at Canyon Lake located in Texas.  Canyon Lake is located about 20 miles northeast of San Antonio.  So we set up our tent on the perfect spot, nice soft dirt and level ground.  And very close to the lake where swimming access was located.

Everything was going great.  We had a fire, we were relaxing, swimming, and boating.  Just having a great time together.  I remember seeing water moccasins numerous times once the sun began to set.  Also many other reptiles that would come out at night.

Night time rolled around and it was time to go to bed.  I had my can of Pringles chips and my Father was to my right and we went to bed.  I slept well, so well that I slept right though an Army of ants coming into our tent to get to my chips.  Now I don’t know home many of you have been to Texas or lived there but one thing Texas is known for is being big.  Everything in Texas is big, including the bugs.

So I wake up and feel things crawling all over me.  My vision comes into focus and I see that there are hundreds of Ants in our Tent.  My dad is to my right calmly squishing them with a match box.  I look to my left and see a small pencil sized hole in the tent where the Ants chewed their way in.  Then I realize that the Ants are all over the roof, walls, floor, and all over myself and my Dad.  So I freak out and run down to the lake and jump in butt naked to get the Ants off of me.  When I come up out of the water there is just a film of Ants on the water surface, and I swim to the shore to get away.


Imagine hundreds of these little guys all over you, your tent, your sleeping bag, walls, ect….

So how does this matter to RV living?  Well simple, if you’re in a RV, Ants won’t chew their way in and give you the luxury of living the Ant lifestyle.

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