Blue Dog RV

Working for Blue Dog RV

I started with Blue Dog RV over 2 years ago as an executive assistant. Since then, I have moved up the ranks as assistant inventory manger, accounting manager, inventory manager, and now currently sales process manager. I have learned a lot over the years not only about RVs, but also selling, people, and the whole process of what goes into selling an RV. I have been intimately involved in the whole process from the very beginning at unit purchase, selling the customer, to the end in service getting the rig ready for delivery and everywhere in between. It has been a great experience, and I plan on continuing to grow in the company. The owners are great to work for and have always supported and encouraged my growth. It is nice to come to work and know you are backed whole heartedly not only by the staff you work with but the owners and CEOs themselves.

As you know, Blue Dog RV puts on many shows a year at all of our 8 locations. I have attended a handful of these and they have all been very exciting. Not only do we have reduced show pricing, but the atmosphere is fun, upbeat and everyone is there to have a good time. As the Process Manager, I am in charge of rolling out new computer software. We are the first RV dealership to implement this leading technology. This not only betters us as a dealer but it makes the buying process for the customer less stressful and less time consuming. We sell a lot of units at these shows not only because we make it fun, but because we have great product and a wide variety of it. We carry about 1500 units at a time company wide, we bring over 400 of these units to the show, these include over 15 manufacturers, 75 different makes and that doesn’t include the used units. I myself have become partial to Grand Design Products, and apparently I’m not the only one, because it is one of our top sellers for all of our locations. It is a high quality product at a great price. My dream RV is the Solitude (image above), I really like the 379FL or 377MB. But we carry so many great products it’s hard to go wrong. It doesn’t only stop there, we strive to be the best at taking care of our customers AFTER they have purchased their unit as well, through our service and parts department. If you missed our last show, check out our next shows coming up soon. Come check out the whole experience, and its free. 

During the past year, I have found a new hobby, I have been training as an MMA fighter. I had my first fight last April and my next fight is coming up next week. While I was working at one of these shows, I happen to see my poster, advertising my upcoming fight, on a billboard across the street from the show (image below). The owners of Blue Dog RV, not only support me at work, but have encouraged me in pursuing my quest to become a pro MMA fighter. The whole Blue Dog experience has been great and I thank them for all they do and have done for me professionally and personally.

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