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RAISING THE QUALITY BAR - We put every Grand Design unit through a series of quality inspection gates during the manufacturing process. Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive final finish inspection. From here, most manufacturers ship their units on to the dealer for retail sale. Not Grand Design...Every one of our units are shipped to a separate PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) facility where they are again put through a 150+ point inspection process. It is only after this that we deem a unit ready to ship to our dealers.

SUPERIOR SERVICE - We deliver the highest quality in the industry, but anything built by humans can be subject to issues. Its how those issues are addressed that stands out with Grand Design. Don’t just take our word for it, visit the owner’s page on Facebook (Grand Design RV Owners) and see for yourself how we take care of our customers after the sale. An informed customer will be a Grand Design customer!

CLASS LEADING WARRANTY - We back every one of our coaches by a 3-Year limited structural warranty. We remain dedicated to offering you RV’s built with the highest quality, most features, finest designs an unparalleled customer support for your investment. We would be honored to personally welcome you to the Grand Design RV family!

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As you can see Grand Design is taking this quality issue serious and not passing the responsibility over to the Dealership. It’s on them to build the RV right before it’s even ready for the showroom. Grand Design is getting it right before it leaves the factory.

At Blue Dog RV the Grand Design products we stock at our stores have provided happier customers. We are having a better sales experience for our teams as well as less issues with warranty after the sale in our service departments. My personal experience with Grand Design Products has been amazing. I love them and so do the customers I helped take the product home. Even our local management team are saying the same things about Grand Design.

So, at ground zero were the customers meet the products and they become happy owners is where it counts. Check out the Grand Design product line at Blue Dog RV available now.

Products: Solitude, Reflection, Imagine, Momentum Want to Hear the Grand Design Story

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