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7 Reasons Why RV Living is Better Than Living in a House

Every year the number of people living full or part-time in RVs is growing. Most of which are retired or on the verge of retirement. Then there are those who are simply just embracing the freedom of location independence

So here are 7 reasons why living in a RV is better then living in a house.

1. More time to spend in nature

Living in a RV is unique as you gain less space inside, but have the beauty of nature outside and acres of it. You are now mobile enjoying the splender of the world.

Campgrounds are great places to spend the outdoors, and if you volunteer in a state or national park its rent free! If you search volunteer opportunities on the web you will find a array of them. Great for the summer and peak season times.

2. Travel with or away from the weather

Living in a home on wheels means now you have the ability to go where you want, when you want.

When the weather turns bad this ability is a plus. If it's too cold, hot, dry, humid, or rainy then all you have to do is pack up and move somewhere else.

If there is a storm brewing, you can plan for a trip to another location. There is also the alternative of staying put. Either way you have the freedom to chose.

3. No yard maintenance

Ever feel like you spend all your free time mowing, weeding, and raking? No time to enjoy your yard because you spend so much time maintaining it?

Well there’s none of that when you live in an RV! The workers at RV parks and campgrounds do all the yard work for you. It’s like having your very own gardener…for a fraction of the cost

4. less to clean

It's just a fact that a smaller space is quicker and easier to clean. Would you rather be spending your hours vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing? Or would you rather spend 30 minutes cleaning your RV and move on to more exciting activities?

Not only are RVs smaller and therefore easier to clean, but they also tend to be equipped with more drawers and cupboards to stow your stuff, helping to keep your small space neater.

5. your not stuck with your neighbors

Lets face it, some people are just impossible to get along with. It’s a fact of life that you’re not going to like everyone you come across.

The beauty of living in an RV is that when (if) you come across these type of folks you can simply move to another spot.

Think of the last time you had a neighbor you just couldn't stand, or tolerated. Would it had been pleasant if you could had just hooked up to your home and drove away to somewhere you have always wanted to go?

6. the views cost less


Do you want to live by the ocean, in the city, or the mountains but can't afford it. Well by living in an RV you have just given yourself the chance to live virtually anywhere you want, with any view you can imagine. Freedom is huge part of RV living, and the freedom to pick your view, and change it as often as you like is an amazing thing.

7. meet new people and build relationships

There's no doubt that a social activity is available while RVing. It’s easy to meet people while walking the dog around the campground, or your chat with your neighbors around the campfire.

Often these casual meetings turn into long lasting friendships as people bond over the type of RV they own, or the activities they like to pursue.

Living in an RV presents a unique opportunity to meet people who you may not normally come across while living in a fixed location.

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